In 2019 she competed in the entire Vega Trofeo and went from beginner to <<Vice Champion Vega Trofeo>>, only 6 points behind. "In the last race I even had a gap of more than 5 seconds thanks to consistent best times."

In 2020 and 2021, Chiara contested the entire Swiss Championship, in which she did really well several times.

At the end of October 2021, Bättig switched to the OK Junior category and was given the chance to demonstrate her talent in the <<Girls on Track>> support program in partnership with the Ferrari Driver Academy. 70 girls from all over the world took part; and she made it all the way to the front and finished second. "I was able to prove that I am talented, constant and fast and that I can immediately implement what I have learned".

2022 A long and instructive year. Internationally, Chiara was able to prove that although she lacks experience, she has the speed, skill and ambition to drive at the front. For example, at the FIA CIK Academy Trophy (where Charles Leclerc also won), where she was supported by the FIA Women in Motorsport and finished in the TOP 10 in every qualifying session.

It means a lot to her to be the first woman to make history after 17 years in motorsport. "For me, it confirmed once again that anything can come true if you are willing to do 'something' for it".


  • Swiss Championship Title Defence

  • FIA CIK Trophy Academy

  • Champion of the Future

  • FIA Karting European Championship

  • WSK Champions Cup

  • WSK Super Masters

  • WSK Euro Series

  • WSK Final Cup

  • FIA Karting World Championship Franciacorta

  • IAME International World Final Le Mans


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