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Chiara Bättig

'My goal is to be on the podium as often as possible - if possible on top - I also wish to attract other girls to this sport and to be a good role model for them.'

Chiara Bättig, born March 21, 2010, is one of the few girls in the Swiss karting scene. Since 2019, she has been an indispensable part of this and has always impressed with her talent, ambition and will; most recently the FIA ​​Women in Motorsport.

She has already celebrated some great successes; in 2021 with second place in the <<Girl on Track<< funding program in partnership with the Ferrari Driver Academy. Since then, the demand for Chiara Bättig alias Chiara.rocks has been high.

In addition, she is one of the few Swiss motorsport drivers who get the great opportunity to be part of the Auto-Illustrated driver squad. At the FIA ​​CIK Academy Trophy, for which Bättig was asked, she received the great honor of being the only one to drive in the colors of the FIA ​​Women in Motorsport Commission.

Her greatest success to date was winning the Swiss championship title in the OK Junior category in 2022. She was also the best rookie and the best girl over all categories.

  • Born on March 21, 2010

  • Lives in Zurich - Wettswil am Albis

  • Kartdriver since 2018

  • Member of the auto-illustrated driver squad

  • Category OK Junior


Bättig is also inspired by a girl in 2018 on the kart track in Wohlen (AG). On this spring day, Chiara grabbed it right away; "I felt it immediately - karting was what made my heart beat faster. I didn't just get my first racing kart; I had to earn it with small jobs over months. My family supported me from the beginning: it was also for them Karting is something completely new. I competed in all the races with used equipment, a limited budget, an engine that should have been overhauled twice and my family as mechanics - who are not mechanics - but I was still able to achieve top performances in the last four years and prove that nothing can faze me that easily and that I'm constantly pursuing my goals."


Chiara Bättig

Even as a little girl I was always on the move, curious and loved speed. I always wanted to win, even at food,' she says, laughing.

Then later also with skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding, cycling and football games, where Bättig partly made it into support programs. 'In the school and club competitions I was almost always the best of my year, and I showed it to everyone in swimming, including the boys,' she says proudly.

Bättig was also one of the best U8 girls in Switzerland in chess and was able to play the piano at a very early age.

Languages are also in her blood. In addition to German, she speaks fluent English, French at a high level and she has discovered Italian and is practicing diligently.

Bättig is a motivated, bright, positive, sociable and thirsty fighter. She knows that nothing comes from nothing.

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